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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Fakeeh Care?

    Fakeeh Care is a highly regarded healthcare service provider in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates . The group is a collection of facilities aiming to provide secondary and tertiary healthcare services for the communities with an integrated care delivery model.


    The services of Fakeeh Care start from wellbeing of the individuals and reaches to an extent of curing serious illnesses, fighting contagious diseases by discovering viruses and presenting them to the world, and providing education to the best medical staff to improve the standards of care. Fakeeh.Care has been pioneer in several healthcare service categories with the medical-fitness center, JCI accredited home healthcare, on-site healthcare management, occupational health, international medical assistance services.


    The compassionate healthcare journey takes off in 1978 with the well-known Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, founded by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh (RIP) himself, and now forming a group of businesses delivering services in line with international standards and continuously growing.

  • What is the Journey of Fakeeh?

    Fakeeh.Care is a multispecialty healthcare provider, with 14 healthcare facilities. It is a leader in tertiary care and amongst the best facilities in the Saudi Arabia, delivering comprehensive care in more than 15 specialties in tertiary care settings.


    Founded in 1978 by Dr Soliman Fakeeh the institute has grown to become an integrated model of healthcare with strides in clinical excellence, research and innovation along with an unwavered focus on patient service. It has been a leader in several areas of expertise with the first successful In Vitro Fertilization in the Kingdom in 1984 and in 1990 the first heart transplant in the Western region. In 2003 Fakeeh college for medical sciences came into being in line with the vision of creating an educative and skilled environment. Fakeeh ventured on to creating several other areas of expertise including a center for children with special needs Khadija Attar centre and Aman Home Healthcare.


    We stand on the values of honesty, integrity, compassion, positivity, accountability and team work. These reflect the core belief of being committed in what we do and foster a congenial and focused environment.

  • What is the guiding vision of the group?

    The group’s vision is
    Transforming lives through
    clinical excellence, compassionate
    care and health education.


    Fakeeh.Care is beyond being a group of entities providing the full spectrum of healthcare services; it is a pioneering institution that has been continuously thriving for over four decades, to become the reference of excellence and international standards in KSA and the whole MENA region. We offer innovative, world-class treatment for complex conditions with world-class service. Research and innovation are built into everything we do.

  • What all companies comprise the Fakeeh group?

    Fakeeh.Care consists of initiative and futuristic entities aiming to supply 360 degrees of healthcare services as well as technological substructure, education and innovative solutions for public health.


    The group companies are:
    Dr. Soliman Fakeeh hospital
    Fakeeh University Hospital
    Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences
    Aman Home Healthcare
    Kameda Arabia
    Khadija Attar Center
    Olympia the Sports Arena
    Fakeeh Complementary Healthcare
    Fakeeh International
    KAUST Health
    KAEC Family Medical Center
    Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Center
    The Executive Clinic
    Fakeeh Family Medicine Center

  • When are you going to open the Dubai operations?

    We are going live with the Fakeeh University Hospital in the end of second quarter of 2019 and will invite applications for our commissioning team.

  • How will the operations start at the hospital?

    The hospital will have the gamut of preventive and tertiary care. The operations will commence in 2 phases. Post that the Medical University will also be launched and attached to the hospital.

  • Where is the Hospital site located?

    The hospital site is located in Silicon Oasis, Dubai

  • What are the UAE expansion plans?

    A key pillar of Fakeeh.Care growth strategy is to geographically diversify its business and future growth beyond Saudi Arabia. It was decided to expand into Dubai due to its stable regulations and a developed infrastructure. Fakeeh.Care will build a hospital and medical university to establish its brand in UAE and provide a unique smart hospital for the region.

  • How is academia interwoven in the system and how important is it?

    Medical academia has been identified as one of the key pillar to underpin potential growth for Fakeeh.Care.


    A university hospital model will enhance the prestige and reputation of the Group.


    This will encourage physicians and patients, especially those who are looking for distinguished healthcare services, to participate with the Group.


    In addition, it secures supply of well trained staff and will create a local clinical talent pool, which will support the core businesses growth.

  • What are the career opportunities at Fakeeh University Hospital?

    Fakeeh invites you to be a part of their family. If you are committed and reflect the value system of Fakeeh it will be a joy to have you work with us.


    Come and be a part of a dedicated health care team; work beside the unique talent of Fakeeh physicians, nurses and care providers; and enjoy all-embracing benefits and opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

    From research and education to drafting excellent patient experience maps Fakeeh employees will get to make a difference every day. Join our team and help achieve the mission of outstanding patient care and attain a model care.


Address: Fakeeh University Hospital

Headquarter Building -Wing A / 202-203,

Dubai Silicon Oasis,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +97145015524
Fax: +97145015529
Email: fuh@fakeeh.care

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